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tiny update

tiny update

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studying for my only midterm (a benefit of dropping all the other actual classes except my independent study in elliptic curve cryptography) on Tuesday. going ok. study sheet created, now just doing as many problems (over again) as I can stand. actually this isn't really true. i start the problems, get to the tedious part (it would appear that Partial Differential Equations involves much tedium), and then skip to the end / don't finish it. i'm not really getting much actual practice in, but at least mentally i'm going over things.

life is superb. exercise/biking/diet regimen going steadily. I seem to be in better shape than ever, though I'd like to be a little bit stronger/thinner. But I feel great now so if nothing changes I'd be fine with this being permanent.

i have a girlfriend. she is basically awesome. she encourages me to eat more often, and healthier, makes me breakfast. like tasty breakfast, eggs, french toast, etc. this makes me want to do her dishes for the rest of her life, something I can do easily and that she abhors. we shall lend each other our strengths, creating a marvelous ly satisfied breakfast-making dishes-doing machine.

I have begun to detach from her just a bit, a restoration of balance and reclaiming the individual life, as is natural after the beginning period of frenetically getting to know each other and seeing each other daily. it is very difficult to say no to her, or to be the one who initiates our spending some time apart. I will try, practice. I realize I have let some friends slip a bit outward into non-seeing-ness, and am beginning to repair this. if this applies to you, now is the time to respond and make some plans to hang out.

tomorrow I can/must/should register for next semester's classes. the big gamble again, choosing which math classes I might not drop out of / might like the material. and do I do my final/third physics class now or the next/last semester? I choose any 4 math classes and the physics class (and should I throw in another independent study class because this semester's crypto one went so well?), and after two semesters I graduate. A very simple formula, but complicated by my tendency to drop things I'm not interested in.

ciao!, and good luck students doing their last midterms and pre-finals stuff.
  • yay girlfriend!
    • i know!

      also when I wrote that one part about friends, i was mostly just thinking of you and Jonah. I'm not drinking these days (math is hard), but we should hang out soon (if you can, with school and stuff). or after school is over would be great too.
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